Get IP from command line

To retrieve the IP address from the command line, you can use the following methods based on your operating system:

Get path of bash script

Obtaining the path of a bash script can be useful in various scenarios.

Disk usage statistics in linux

In Linux, you can use various commands and tools to obtain disk usage statistics, like df or du.

PHP Iterator class example

Iterator interface

Vim development environment

Vim (Vi Improved) is a highly configurable, powerful, and widely used text editor available on various platforms, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. It is based on the older Vi editor, which was originally created for the Unix operating system.

Container runtime and alternatives

A container runtime, also known as a container engine, is a software component responsible for running and managing containers on a host system. It is a crucial part of containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. The container runtime provides the necessary infrastructure and functionality to create, deploy, and manage containers efficiently.

Distribute Your Program via Homebrew

What is Homebrew

PHP8.1 new feature

Best database for a chat application

When building a chat application, you typically need a database to store and manage the chat messages, user information, and other relevant data. Here are some common database options for chat applications.

Delete local Time Machine snapshots

Time Machine