Laravel passport


If it’s new laravel project and you are running mysql < 5.7. You need fix this.

composer require laravel/passport

php artisan migrate


# php artisan passport:install
Encryption keys generated successfully.
Personal access client created successfully.
Client ID: 1
Client Secret: nWOb11IanX2wtY4so8JxeSveSxzO6Mqvy6y45qlr
Password grant client created successfully.
Client ID: 2
Client Secret: wx9pntlhhytymMySjZAReS4Vx11RH4qlpNWOlLQo

Config and Setup

Publish components

$ php artisan vendor:publish --tag=passport-components
Copied Directory [/vendor/laravel/passport/resources/assets/js/components] To [/resources/assets/js/components/passport]
Publishing complete.

Issue Tokens

There are two ways to issue token.