How to Create a Bootable Win 10 USB

Booting Windows from a USB device provides flexibility, enables troubleshooting and repairs, facilitates system installations and upgrades, and allows for testing and data recovery. It offers an alternative way to access and work with Windows, especially in situations where the computer’s internal storage or operating system is unavailable or problematic.

PXE netboot resources

PXE netboot linux live

MacOS time machine diagnostics

Time Machine failing: “an error occurred while copying files” 1

Delete files in a date condition

Delete files before 1st of previous month.

Between data lake and data warehouse in enterprise use case

  Data Warehouse Data Lake
Data type Only structured data AUnstructured or raw
Schema On-Wirte On-Read
User Business user Data professionals
Data Processing Extract, Transform, Load Extract, Load, Transform
Application Business Report/Record AI/ML, Data science
Accessibility More complicated and costly to make changes Highly accessible and quick to update
Storage Only required data is kept Can keep any data
Cost High Low

Laravel development with xdebug 3

Development env background

Typesense working with CJK languages

HTML main textual content extraction

boilerpipe 1

Mac OS hardware information



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