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Realtime Database

Time series database

A time series database (TSDB) is a software system that is optimized for storing and serving time series through associated pairs of time(s) and value(s).[1] In some fields, time series may be called profiles, curves, traces or trends.[2] Several early time series databases are associated with industrial applications which could efficiently store measured values from sensory equipment (also referred to as data historians), but now are used in support of a much wider range of applications. – wiki

Production grade CICD workflow

graph TB
B((Source code storage)) -- pull/checkout/clone --> C(Pipeline)
C(Pipeline) -- Test & build --> D[Application]
D[Application] -- store --> E((Distribution))
A((Infrastructure)) -- provisioning --> G(Instance)
E((Distribution)) -- load --> F(Deployment)
F(Deployment) -- deploy --> G(Instance)

Colored text in linux shell script

Other variables you can define as follows:

txtgrn=$(tput setaf 2) # Green
txtylw=$(tput setaf 3) # Yellow
txtblu=$(tput setaf 4) # Blue
txtpur=$(tput setaf 5) # Purple
txtcyn=$(tput setaf 6) # Cyan
txtwht=$(tput setaf 7) # White
txtrst=$(tput sgr0) # Text reset.

Boost PHP Script Performance

PHP interview questions


PHP swoole and coroutine

Laravel and swoole

Symfony DomCrawler example

Compont 5.0 Document

Smart commint with JIRA

When you manage your project’s repositories in Bitbucket or GitHub, or use Fisheye to browse and search your repositories, you can process your Jira Software issues using special commands, called Smart Commits, in your commit messages.1

PDF Calendar

Online calendar generater